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To offer data-centric insights and advisory services for enterprises to make accurate and timely corporate decisions. Read More
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To keep the community updated on everything that is happening in the area of marketing, branding and advertising. Read More
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Research & Consulting

Market Research Support for MSMEs

MaxEd with its team of experts from Industry & Academia provides market research support for MSMEs.

Industry Research Reports

MaxEd has been creating industry specific reports with the help of its pool of experts.

Branding & Sales Consultation

MaxEd has a pool of Marketing & Brand consultants who can give innovative solutions to the business problems faced by organizations.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Advertising, Email Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Digital PR.


Marketing News Publishing Platform

Passionate In Marketing

To keep the community updated on everything that is happening in the area of marketing, branding and advertising.

Engaging with top brands & PR agencies

Passionate in Marketing has been engaging with more than 200 top multinational brands and 50 plus PR agencies from across India. From press releases to new product launches, from celebrity endorsements to new advertisement campaigns PIM has been consistently helping brands get more visibility.

Marketers in conversation

CEOs, CMOs and top company executives converse through Passionate in Marketing. Interviews, talk shows etc. help the marketers to converse with their target group and the reach gets amplified through the various social media handles of PIM.

Brands in conversation

Brand communication is a combination of activities such as advertising, social media and reviews that are used to communicate with customers. Brand communication takes place every time a potential customer or client interacts with a particular brand. PIM helps brands converse with their target group.

Helping brands grow

Passionate in Marketing has been helping national, regional and local brands to grow. The testimonials given by different brands for PIM are a recognition for this news publishing platform. Consistent PR activity by brands through PIM, Regional trailblazers, Brand Spot Light and Campus Spotlight section help brands grow.


MaxEd Market Intelligence System

Business Intelligence

MMIS uses business analytics, data mining, data visualization, and data tools to help organizations make better data-driven decisions. Business Intelligence allows organizations access to information that is critical to the success of multiple areas including sales, finance, marketing, and a multitude of other areas and departments.

Data Analytics

Data analytics in MMIS helps individuals and organizations make sense of data. Data analysts typically analyze raw data for insights and trends. The system helps in exploring and analyzing large datasets to find hidden patterns, and unseen trends, discover correlations, and derive valuable insights to make business predictions.

Data Visualization

Data visualization unveils patterns, trends, outliers, and correlations in your data. Data visualization also helps stakeholders and decision-makers easily understand the meaning of data to drive business decisions. MMIS helps in breaking down complex data and simplifying the data for better understanding.

Market Intelligence

Market intelligence is information on your industry or market segment that can inform strategy and give your company a competitive advantage. It is the process of external data collection of the market and analysis of this information. MMIS helps you to take data-driven business decisions with the help of dashboards.

Why MaxUpSkill?


MaxUpskill is a one of its kind skilling, reskilling & upskilling platform for both Industry & Academia. The focus of MaxUpskill is to offer industry & socially relevant content so that it helps in skilling, reskilling & upskilling of the workforce.


The focus of the team would be to curate need based corporate training programs or courses with the help of MaxEd Community which are relevant in today’s times. The technology integrated platform of MaxUpskill will help the users not only in identifying the best courses but also provide mentoring to make the right career moves.


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