MaxEd Internship Program

MaxEd offers internship programs in the areas of digital marketing, market research, data analytics, project management, content writing and content management in its various verticals. Candidates who are interested in the areas of Marketing & Analytics can apply for these work-from-home internship positions. The internship will involve training on Content Planning, Content Development, Content Management & SEO Optimization.

More than 300 interns from 50 B-Schools across India have successfully completed their internship program in various verticals of MaxEd.

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Some Testimonials Of Our Interns

I could learn a lot of things in these 45 days. Writing articles gave me a new set of skills and helped me in improving my knowledge and I feel very grateful to be a part of the upcoming online skilling platform MaxUpskill. Being a part of the research team of MaxEd taught me to coordinate and communicate well with the people and also gave me good exposure to the recent trends in the business.

Sarath V S, MBA Class of 2019-21, Amrita School of Business

For me, I’m a person who is seeking a career in the advertising industry. So, I always tried to cover those types of contents while writing for Through continuous reading, now I know different Ad agencies and how they run their Ad campaigns. Also I got an experience in how to add backlinks, keywords and other SEO techniques.

Joyal George, MBA Class of 2019-21, Naipunnya Business School

Writing articles gave me immense knowledge on different topics. I got comfortable with the technical terms like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Big Data Analytics while working on I got an opportunity to network with many students from different institutions as part of my internship.

Akshari Lal, MBA Class of 2019-21, Amrita School of Business

Thank you for giving an opportunity to write for With knowledge, I had gained a new skill in providing solutions and opinions during hard times. This internship has increased my scope in pursuing a career in Finance

Anuja Yadav, MBA Class of 2019-21, Amrita School of Business

During the one month internship period, apart from content writing I was also a part of the MaxEd market research team and successfully completed the project with a short span of time working with my dedicated teammates. Apart from that we got a lot of exposure to talk with experts through webinars conducted by MaxEd in collaboration with Mathrubhumi.

Swathy Krishna M B, MBA Class of 1999-2001, Asian School of Business

The weeks that I interned gave me great insights, made me realize that content writing is an art and that involving myself in it made me realize I loved it. Gaining this experience, I believe will be of greater use when I get into the dream company of mine.

Josana Emilin Reuben Joseph, MBA Class of 1999-2001, Sathyabhama University, Chennai