Jeff Bezos-founded Amazon is fighting a bitter battle for control of India’s e-commerce space with Flipkart and the company is trying its best to occupy a space in the Indian market. “We don’t focus on anything but our strategy and consumers.” That was Amazon India head Amit Agarwal talking to NDTV on recent comments by cab aggregator OLA and e-commerce giant Flipkart, saying India needs foreign capital but not foreign companies. This Video Case Study- Focus On Strategy & Consumers- Is this the road ahead for Amazon in India highlights why India is ticking all the right boxes for Amazon and what the company’s strategy will be in the year 2017.

But is this how the road is ahead for Amazon? When most of the E-Commerce companies are bleeding how to get strategy right for the end consumers is the question. Can the company go on having aggressive promotional strategies and forget the bottom line?


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